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Last updated: 18th January 2020
General Terms and Conditions of Travel and Booking

Jetlegs Travel GmbH exclusively act as agents in the placement of individual transportation services (e.g. regular flights or charter flights) as well as other individual tourist services (e.g. hotel accomodations, rental cars, travel insurances).
The Terms and Conditions specified below exclusively apply to the placement of transportation services supplied by third parties as well as to the placement of tourist services offered by third parties. When booking any of such services, the contract shall be deemed to have been entered into between the purchaser/passenger and the accomodation and tour/cruise operator (e.g. airline, hotel, rental car company) exclusively. The general terms and conditions of the service providers/operators shall be referred to separately.

Subject matter of the contract

At the basis of any orders placed with Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall be the placement of individual tourist services such as flights, rental cars or hotel accomodations. Orders can be placed by telephone, email or online communication. Acceptance of the order on the part of Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall be confirmed in writing either by email or by postal letter in the form of a travel plan/travel confirmation.
The contractual obligation of Jetlegs Travel GmbH consists in proper placement of the transportation services or individual tourist services booked by the customer. Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall not be obliged to provide to customers any services booked by them.
On the internet at www.jetlegs.eu , Jetlegs Travel GmbH make available a booking machine which allows customers to obtain flight information and to prepare their reservations. Customers will receive a preliminary booking confirmation only – any data provided shall be subject to change without notice. By filling in the form and by completing the booking procedure, you order Jetlegs Travel GmbH to obtain for you a transportation service or any other service from any service provider / tour operator. Before completing the booking procedure you are free any time to interrupt and stop the booking procedure in order to correct any type errors – any reservations made shall be binding on you. By clicking the "BUCHEN" (BOOK) button or by booking any services over the phone or by email and after reception of a booking confirmation from Jetlegs Travel GmbH, you automatically enter into a contract with Jetlegs Travel GmbH relating to the placement of travel services.

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, you shall be obliged to check the data given in the confirmation immediately and to notify Jetlegs Travel GmbH at once of any corrections which may be necessary. Corrections in respect of flight tickets can be made on the day of issue only – any name changes required after issuance of the tickets will cost at least 50 EUR depending on the airline involved. It shall be the responsibility of each passenger to verify departure times online or by phone at least 48 hrs prior to departure. Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall not be held liable for any problems resulting from non-compliance with such responsibility.

Any speculative reservations made by making use of any obviously wrongful prices or by fraudulent intent, or any reservations made in anticipation of an increase in demand shall be prohibited without qualification.

Using the website of Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall be admissible only for the purpose of making proper reservations for oneself or on behalf of other persons having agreed to such reservation. Making reservations on speculative grounds or by fraudulent intent shall be prohibited.

Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall not be held liable for
  1. Any direct loss resulting from improper operation or especially from wrongful or delayed order processing for instance caused by entry of incorrect data unless such loss has been caused by either grossly nonnegligent or negligent behaviour of Jetlegs Travel GmbH,
  2. Any default incurred in connection with services provided by third parties and sold by Jetlegs Travel GmbH as an agent,
  3. Any incorrect data available in the data base,
  4. Indirect damage of any kind or for loss of profit.
Liability of Jetlegs Travel GmbH as an agent
  1. Jetlegs Travel GmbH rely on the information provided by accommodation & tour/cruise operators. Jetlegs Travel GmbH are not in the position to verify and check any information supplied by the relevant accommodation & tour/cruise operators, and hence accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy or misdescription contained in the publications. Same applies to other information supplied by third parties and contained on this website. In addition, any information on our website shall be subject to change without notice. Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall improve and/or modify the information given on the website at their discretion at any time.
  2. Any indications made in respect of tours/cruises or tourist services sold are exclusively based on the figures provided to us by the respective tour/cruise operators and shall not constitute any warranty on the part of Jetlegs Travel GmbH towards the purchaser. We shall not accept responsibility for the performance of any services provides by third parties and sold by us as an agent. We only shall accept responsibility for proper placement of the travel services with the purchaser and for proper communication of any information received from tour/cruise operators to the purchaser.
  3. Travel documents shall be sent by E-Ticket to the email address indicated by the purchaser.
Commission / booking fee

Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall charge a flat booking fee for placing with the purchaser any travel services. This fee shall not be reimbursed to the purchaser upon cancellation of any travels booked unless cancellation is due to fault on the part of Jetlegs Travel GmbH.

Changes of reservation / withdrawal

For changing any reservations made, the purchaser will have to withdraw from the contract and enter into a new contract with the service provider unless the respective service provider has special regulations in place to settle such changes. Should the purchaser withdraw from the original reservation and enter into a new reservation contract, Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall reserve the right to claim payment of any expenditures incurred by them in connection with such change, and of the commission to which they are entitled. Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall be entitled to reimbursement of any cost and to payment of a commission in respect of any new reservation made by the purchaser unless the change of reservation has been due to fault on the part of Jetlegs Travel GmbH or of the service provider.

Changes in prices / taxes & fees

Prior to issuance of any flight documents, Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall be entitled to make changes to the air fare on behalf of the respective airline if any of the price elements specified below have increased / decreased or come into being unpredictably prior to conclusion of the reservation contract due to circumstances for which Jetlegs Travel GmbH cannot be held responsible :
exchange rates for foreign currencies, transportation tariffs and prices (especially in respect of taxes on oil prices), charges or duties such as airport charges and/or safety charges, supplementary insurance fees charged to airlines. The air fare normally includes the total of safety and airport and sundry charges / taxes. We are not in the position to provide to you any binding information on the taxes/fees charged for your travel since such taxes/fees are subject to daily changes.

  1. Any tours/cruises sold by Jetlegs Travel GmbH as an agent as well as any tour guides organized by Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall be payable in advance prior to start of the travel and/or upon delivery of the travel documents. Failure on the part of the purchaser to perform payment in advance shall entitle the operator to deny to the purchaser any travel services booked.
  2. You are referred to the confirmation received for your reservation, which holds separate information indicating whether any down payment can or must be made.
  3. Any fees charged for withdrawal from the reservation and for processing and making a new reservation shall be payable immediately.

Jetlegs Travel GmbH highly recommend to their customers to take out an insurance for luggage, accident, liability and illness during the trip as well as for the costs of cancelling the trip. If you should require information in this respect, please contact your travel agent or check the information available on our website.

Information on regulations relating to passports, visa, customs, foreign currencies and health requirements:
Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall not accept reliability for passport and visa formalities, which must be complied with by passengers themselves depending on their nationality. Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall only support their customers in an advisory capacity.

Limitation of liability

We shall accept full liability for any damage incurred as a result of our activity as travel agents for any legal grounds whatsoever. Our liability shall not in any case exceed the purchase price of the tour/cruise/service sold by us as an agent. Liability for any damage thereover shall only be accepted in cases of deliberate action or gross negligence on our part.

Non-assignment clause

Assignment of any of the purchaser's claims to Jetlegs Travel GmbH to third parties including spouses and relatives shall be excluded. This shall apply not only to purchaser's claims resulting from and related to the reservation contract, but also to illicit action. Apart from this, judicial enforcement of the aforementioned claims of the purchaser by third parties in their own name shall not be admissible.

Third-party content

As far as the information contained by our website is concerned, we rely on the content made available to us by third parties and especially by tour/cruise operators and service providers (third-party content). Since we are not in the position to check and verify such content, we shall not accept liability or responsibility for the correctness of such content. This exclusion of liability especially applies to product descriptions and data base entries. This also applies to any external links made available on our website. Such external links will take you to the website of third parties directly. Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall not accept responsibility for the content of such third-party websites.

Hence, Jetlegs Travel GmbH shall not accept responsibility for any content provided by third parties. However, Jetlegs Travel GmbH reserve the right to take appropriate steps to have illegal third-party content blocked as soon as such content comes to our notice. Jetlegs Travel GmbH hereby expressly repudiate any racist, discriminating, erotic or race-baiting content published by any website operators.

Invalidity of travel terms

Should any of these Terms be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable at law, the validity of the remaining travel terms and conditions shall not be affected.

Use of our website

This website has been established for your private and non-commercial use. You are not allowed to modify, copy, transfer, publish or license or create derivative works from any information, software, products or services obtained through this website, and/or to assign or sell such derivative works.
You are not allowed to use this website and the services included by it in violation of the applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany or of this site policy.

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